Question: Is Igcse Accepted In USA?

What is a good grade in Igcse?

Passing grades for Cambridge IGCSE are A*–G, with A* being the highest.

U is Ungraded.

There is a group award called Cambridge ICE which is comprised of Cambridge IGCSEs from five different curriculum areas..

Do American colleges accept A levels?

Leading universities in the US require Cambridge International AS & A Levels for admissions, but some colleges and universities will accept students with five Cambridge IGCSEs or Cambridge O Levels at grade C or above.

Does Harvard accept Igcse students?

If I am an IGCSE student and I want to apply to Harvard, do I still need to take the SAT test and 2 SAT subjects? … We require standardized test scores from either the SAT or ACT (with Writing), and normally require two SAT subject tests.

Does Harvard accept A levels?

The choice of A-levels is completely up to you. … Since you do not apply to “read” a specific subject in the US, but rather just “apply to Harvard” and do not need to choose your area of concentrated study until your second year, any strong A-level preparation will be fine.

Are GCSEs Recognised in America?

As far as I am aware, there is no equivalent to GCSE. Year 11 is the equivalent to 10th grade which takes place in the middle of highschool so there are no major examinations of the same weight as GCSEs in the american system.

Is Igcse harder than SAT?

IGCSE or O LEVELS is a secondary school exam degree like passing year 10 which is part of an education system established by UK. … In case, you are referring to SAT subject tests, they are harder than IGCSEs and somewhat equivalent to and easier than A Level subjects.

Do colleges accept Igcse?

The GCSE and the IGCSE are very similar and are accepted as ‘equivalent’ qualifications by the vast majority of universities, sixth form colleges and other independent schools around the world.

What is Igcse equivalent to in us?

Like the GCSE equivalent, the IGCSE is not a “certificate of education,” rather it is a qualification based on examinations in individual subjects of study, with IGCSE qualifications and grades issued for each subject taken, much like Advanced Placement examinations in the United States.

How many Igcse subjects are required in USA?

5 subjectsA minimum of 5 subjects in either Cambridge IGCSE or O Levels are required.