What Does An Hour Or So Mean?

What does the phrase or so mean?

—used to say that a number, amount, etc., is not exactWe plan to stay a week or so.Tickets cost $20 or so..

Is it an hour or a hour?

For those words that are written with the first letter as a consonant, but which are pronounced with the first letter as a vowel, such as “hour” and “herb,” the correct way to present them in a written document (e.g. your scientific manuscript written in American English) is: “An hour” and “An herb.”

What does SOS in a text mean?

someone over shoulderSOS is a texting and chatting acronym that means someone over shoulder. It is used to warn the message recipient to be careful what he or she types since another person on the other end is watching. … It is similar to the POS acronym, which is used to warn about a parent watching the conversation.

What does SOS really stand for?

Although SOS officially is just a distinctive Morse code sequence that is not an abbreviation for anything, in popular usage it is associated with phrases such as “Save Our Souls” and “Save Our Ship”. … SOS is still recognized as a standard distress signal that may be used with any signaling method.

How many days is a week or so?

seven daysA week is defined as an interval of exactly seven days, so that technically, except at daylight saving time transitions or leap seconds, 1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds. With respect to the Gregorian calendar: 1 Gregorian calendar year = 52 weeks + 1 day (2 days in a leap year)

What does in an hour mean?

i will come back within an hour. … An hour is one hour ( 60 minutes), between an hour is the time start counting from 0 till to the end of 60 minutes, any time within this period. In an hour, meaning about one hour, you don’t know the exact time, but close to the end at 60 minutes.

What is so mean?

significant otherSO is the abbreviation for significant other which could mean a spouse, life partner, or someone in a long-term, committed relationship.

What does within 4 hours mean?

‘Within hours’ is basically a widely accepted shorthand version of the phrase ‘within a few hours’ time’, which means exactly what it means: ‘a few hours later’.

What does a day or so mean?

I means that something might take a day or a few days. For example: I’ll get back to you in a day or so. This means that the person will respond or have an answer in about a day or a few days.

What does the next week or so mean?

“The next week or so” means “about the next week”. It could be in 5 days, in 10 days, etc. I’ll be travelling for the next week or so. Other phrases that use “or so” include: the first day or so.

What is need of the hour?

“need of the hour” refers to the most recent need or the most pressing need.

What does within 60 minutes mean?

“Within an hour” means “within 60 minutes.” “Within the hour” means “before the next hour is reached.”

Why an Comes Before hour?

You should say, ‘an hour’ (because hour begins with a vowel sound) and ‘a history’ (because history begins with a consonant sound). … This is because the pronunciation begins with ‘yu’, a consonant sound.

What does S o mean on Snapchat?

Significant Other”Significant Other” is the most common definition for S/O on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Is it a half hour or an half hour?

“half-hour” is commonly written with a dash (hyphen) and is a distinct word in the dictionary. So, “a half-hour” = 30 minutes = “half an hour”. In Australia we say ‘half an hour’. You might hear ‘a half hour’, but it would sound stilted.

How long is a week or so?

“a week or so” means approximately a week, maybe a little more or a little less (probably 5-9 days).

Why is it an hour not a hour?

An hour is correct, because “hour” begins with a vowel sound. A vs. an depends on pronunciation, not spelling.

How much is $65 an hour?

65 dollars an hour is what per year?…What Salary Equals $65/Hour?Per HourPer Year$65.00$130,000$65.01$130,020$65.02$130,040$65.03$130,06011 more rows